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Rockmont’s riding program gives campers the opportunity to form a trusting partnership with a horse. Campers may sign up for the 5-day skill option (i.e. lessons) or the 1-day trail ride. Those who choose the skill option will spend significant time in the riding ring where they receive hands-on instruction appropriate to their skill level and will practice navigating the obstacle course, having developed a strong foundation for riding. They will also spend some time riding our trails. By the end of the session, campers will have progressed in their horsemanship and appreciation for horses and the natural world.

The 1-day trail ride experience begins with campers preparing the meal for their adventure. Next, they head out to the barn and riding ring where they meet their horse and learn the basics of horsemanship. During the trail ride, campers will enjoy the beautiful terrain of camp as they ford creeks and negotiate hills to arrive at the trail shelter. Here, the trail chef, “Cookie,” will have a meal ready to eat, just off the chuck wagon. Campers will eat and play games before riding back to the barn. After saying goodbye to their horses, campers head back to main camp, perhaps walking a bit more cowboys from their time in the saddle!

*Please note: Participating in the one-day trail ride experience does require an additional fee of $100.

Why Horseback Riding?

Horseback Riding is an excellent confidence-builder. It requires participants to be attentive and aware of what is going on around them. Horseback Riding can be both mentally and physically challenging, and campers are encouraged to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable.

Safety is our highest priority for everything we do at Camp Rockmont, and there are several ways we ensure the safest experience for our campers during Horseback Riding lessons and trail rides. A questionnaire is sent to campers’ families prior to camp so that our instructor is familiar with each camper’s previous experience with horses. Campers who have participated in Horseback Riding at Camp Rockmont previously are able to progress in those skills they’ve learned.

Our Horseback Riding Director works with our horses throughout the year and knows them intimately. This ensures we know each horse’s temperament and allows us to pair horses appropriately with each camper based on personality, skill, and comfort level.

About the Instructor

Horseback Riding is taught by Sara Boelt. Sara grew up riding horses and has worked with them most of her life. Sara studied biology at Mars Hill College, and now lives at Camp Rockmont year-round, caring for the camp horses. When camp isn’t in session, Sara operates Lighter Mount Horsemanship at the Camp Rockmont barn, teaching riding to local children and some adults as well. She also teaches lessons and trains horses at farms around the area, participates in endurance riding, and occasionally serves as a vet tech with a local equine veterinarian.

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