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Campers who choose to participate in Outdoor Skills learn to perform four major survival skills: shelter-building, fire-starting/building, foraging, and snare construction. Additionally, completion of the Outdoor Skills program will leave campers with a better understanding of orienting (working with a compass), campfire cooking, and plant identification.

Outdoor Skills is offered to campers of all ages. However, portions of instruction may be tailored differently to each camper based on skill level to ensure the highest level of safety.

Why Outdoor Skills?

Through Outdoor Skills training, campers are encouraged to explore God’s creation and have fun doing it. Outdoor skills mastery requires close attention to detail, which is an important character trait that translates into many aspects of everyday life.

By learning how to survive in the wilderness together, campers build a strong bond and enjoy the carefree nature of being outdoors—making s’mores and cooking bacon at the campfire are just a couple examples. The blend of camaraderie, teamwork, and life skills that campers take away from Outdoor Skills training makes it a fantastic option for any camper.

About the Instructor

Outdoor Skills is instructed by Ryan Smith. Ryan grew up in a rural community, participated in the Boy Scouts, majored in biology in college, and is currently a high school biology and earth science teacher, making him a perfect fit for Outdoor Skills. In his free time, Ryan enjoys landscaping, Crossfit, running, coaching, and playing video games.

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