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Campers who choose Rocketry as a skill will have the opportunity to build their own rocket and launch it high above Camp Rockmont. The thrill increases as they take a front row seat to their fellow campers’ launches as well. This activity is offered to campers ages 9 and up, and rocket kits are available for a variety of skill levels.

To ensure the highest level of safety during launch, campers are guided carefully by our staff throughout the construction of their rockets. Campers are also encouraged to help one another troubleshoot problems in a creative, positive environment.

Once a rocket has been built, it can be launched repeatedly. Campers may take their rockets home and continue the hobby with just a few additional parts from a local hobby store.

Why Rocketry?

Rocketry requires campers to read instruction manuals while also leaving space for their creative juices to flow. The skill helps campers build independence, patience, and self-control, while also encouraging measured risk-taking.

About the Instructor

Rocketry is instructed by Kathy Franklin, who has been teaching at Camp Rockmont for more than a decade. Kathy works as a teaching assistant at an elementary school during the winter months.

When she’s not at school or at camp, Kathy enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and participating in Bible study.

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