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Sailing at Camp Rockmont offers a foundation in a variety of skills such as knot tying, rigging, nautical terminology, sailing commands, points of sail and reading the wind, as well as water safety and capsizing and righting a boat. Sailing is one of the most challenging and technical skills on the waterfront, and concepts are taught through instruction, hands-on practice and games.

Experienced and returning sailors are paired with their new or less experienced shipmates, allowing campers with more sailing experience to assume leadership and teaching roles. Counselors work with sailors in groups and one-on-one as needed to ensure sailors are strengthening weak skill areas. At the end of a two-week session, most sailors can pilot a boat solo in light wind.

Why Sailing?

After initial instruction, sailors are encouraged to problem solve and are given the freedom to make mistakes while maximizing safety. Campers enter the dock as a crew and leave the dock as a crew; no one leaves until everything is stowed and ship shape, and sometimes that means doing a little extra. After every skill, sailors convene to discuss their triumphs of the day, which are not limited to sailing skills. They also acknowledge character strengths and social skills as well.

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