Air Riflery

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Air Riflery at Camp Rockmont

In Air Riflery, campers ages 10 and younger receive careful instruction about how to handle BB guns and fire BB guns. They learn range commands and procedures to ensure the highest level of safety. Campers practice the skills they have learned on the range and shoot traditional BB gun targets or perhaps a can of Cheerwine for a little extra fun.

Our goal with Air Riflery is to help campers comprehend the seriousness of proper BB gun handling and safety practices while helping them feel comfortable during shooting practice. Campers learn how to determine that a BB gun is safe to use and are reminded to handle firearms as though they could fire at any time. Guns are checked daily for proper operation.

Why Air Riflery?

Air Riflery at Camp Rockmont is structured to be a safe, positive, and supportive experience. Like Trap Shooting and Riflery, Air Riflery instills a sense of confidence in campers and allows them to learn how to safely operate a firearm.

About the Instructor

Air Riflery is instructed by Bart Murray, who has been teaching the skill at Camp Rockmont for more than a decade. When he’s not at camp, Bart enjoys spending time with his family.

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