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5 Days, 5 Shows

Thursday, September 17th 2009

5 Days, 5 Shows, over 20 hours on the road. We hit the road hard this week for the Pride of All the South, ending the week with Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Both shows were great, in Baton Rouge we started the night off by watching Nick Patty and Episcopal High beat their rivals Parkview Baptist 14-0! Drew and Robin were great hosts, and were joined by a host of Rockmont vets and new faces.

In New Orleans, we were hosted by Becky, Kamran, and Spencer Zaheri, and it was great to see them again after the show last year. We had a good number of new guys there that had a lot of questions and interest about camp. It was also my first show this year that I took the lead in, even it was great to have Dan there to fill in the blanks and provide clarity for the parents.

During all these shows and driving, we did manage to have some fun in New Orleans! We went on a run through the city each morning, doing a self-tour of the French Quarter. The history of the city is incredible, and it was humbling to stand in St. Peter’s Cathedral, looking at the oldest frescos west of Rome.

>We closed the week by having dinner in Auburn with several members of the Rockmont family, and I’ll see if I wake up early enough to go on a run around the Auburn campus before we depart for home.

By the way, the Blogger photo upload only lets me add 2 photos to each post, so I’ll be linking the photos from the week in Facebook and Picasa. If you want, join the Facebook group at

Thanks again guys, I’ll talk to you again soon!


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