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August at the Rockmont Farm

Monday, August 31st 2009

Michael Lusco, Jonathan Cooper, Nick Franzese, Jonathan Kopelman, Charles Keen, Troy D’Alesandro and Quill Yates proved to be excellent salesmen at the Riceville Road Farmers Market this summer. Each Saturday a few Homesteading campers had the chance to sell some of Rockmont Farm bounty (and increase the sales of the chocolate vender with their profits!) It has been a productive summer at the Rockmont Homestead. During the summer much of the produce harvested from the garden was cooked and eaten by campers at homesteading skill – turnips, swiss chard, kale, popcorn, tomatilla salsa, squash and much more was eaten with enthusiasm (usually). We were also able to send loads of produce to the dining hall kitchen to be used by the Rockmont vegetarian cook.

Today the garden is receiving some much needed rain.
The sorghum is now 8-12 feet high. It should be a good crop for making molasses later in the fall. Thanks to the hard work of many homesteading campers weeding, hoeing and hilling, we should also have plenty of popcorn and field corn (Mmmm – corncakes) for next summer.

All of the chickens that were hatched and then shipped to us via US mail are now laying very well. The Rockmont community is enjoying 6-8 eggs a day as well as plenty of tomatoes, okra, sweet corn, tomatillas, swiss chard, green beans and more.

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