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Changing our Address to Your Hometown

Tuesday, September 20th 2011

You may be wondering, what do those camp directors do after the summer season ends? We get this question all the time from campers, especially as we approach the summer’s end. Some say things like, “I bet you play disc golf everyday!” Others jealously imagine the directors having to drink all the left over Cheerwine from the Cola Stop, all by ourselves. Some picture us practicing Holy Motions in Dan’s office. Others might envision us beginning office meetings by singing the Tree Song or belting out the Super Man Blessing at lunch break.

While all of that sounds exciting (and while we occasionally do revisit those camp traditions), it’s just not the same without all the Rockmont family together. So, we unofficially change our address in the off-season. Over the course of the next week, Rockmont’s address is Florida. Next week, it will be South Carolina. We take Rockmont on the road and bring camp to your neighborhood! After all, it’s the people that really make Rockmont the great place that it has been since 1956.

I am writing to you now from the D’Alessandro home in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Over the years Paul, Tina, Andy, Christian, and Troy D’Alessandro have all worked at Rockmont in various capacities – Ski Staff, Camp Nurse, Tribal Director, Counselor, and Junior Counselor. Today, they have provided a restful haven for me between Jacksonville and Orlando.

We kicked off our Fall travel season this past Sunday in Tampa, FL at the Danielsons’ home. Campers David and Patrick were excited to host a camp video showing that turned out to be a mini-Rockmont reunion as much as it was a gathering for new folks to learn about camp. Shawn and Dan presented the camp video, shared Rockmont stories, and answered questions from new and returning families. We left energized for the travel season and already excited about Summer 2012.

After Tampa, Shawn made the journey up to Jacksonville where Matt was leading a camp show at the Hutto home, which was co-hosted with the Hampton family. Matt presented in a room full of Rockmonters and future Rockmonters who had filled themselves with a delicious pizza dinner. The hot topic for the group was the success of last year’s Father/Son Weekend, which was so popular that we will be having two Father/Son weekends this coming May 2012. As you explore the new website, please check out the Father/Son page, which you can access from the homepage. Also, take a look at the Travel Calendar to find out when we will be in your neighborhood! Rockmont has left its summer home to come in to yours. See you soon!

Shawn Marler, Assistant Director – Let me hear from you at !

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