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Contest 100

Thursday, February 26th 2009

Last year our Contest 100 appealed to our left brain campers to write a 100 word essay about their experience at camp. Since many of us aren’t in our right brain (rimshot) that was okay, but this year’s Contest 100 will draw on an appeal to that creative side – the right brain.

Design the next Rockmont T-shirt and earn $100 cash!

The contest is open to any camper who is registered for a session in 2009. The contest invites campers to submit an original idea for a Camp Rockmont t-shirt over the next few days. You don’t have to be a graphic artist. You can submit a sketch, a computer graphic, or a very thorough written description (using both sides of your brain).

We’ll have our artistic panel of judges make their top selection in a “double blind” review of the first 100 applicants. (They will have their eyes open but they jsut won’t have the names associated with the submissions.) The winning entry will be refined and reproduced on T-shirts to be offered in the Rockmont General Store!

SO, TO REVIEW: CONTEST 100 will award 100 DOLLARS to the favorite T-Shirt design concept from a pool of the FIRST 100 submissions from REGISTERED CAMPERS received within the FIRST 100 hours after the countdown counter to the left hits 100 DAYS ’Til CAMP!

(Contest closes when the counter reaches 95 days 20:00:00 hours)

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