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Friday, March 21st 2008

Just before the Days Til Camp clock to the left was at 100:00:00:00:000 we hosted an essay contest for old and new campers. They were invited to submit an essay of no more than 100 words describing their experiences or expectations of Rockmont. Thank you to all of the participants. Some of you had great essays that you forgot to edit to 100 words or fewer. The Winning Essay By A First Timer was submitted by Johnny McNeill (age 9). We then declared TWO more Winning Essays By Veterans, one from Jones Stamper and the other from Stephen Dolbow. These guys will each have a $100 camp credit for a special trip or extra charge activity. Congratulations!! Also, kudos to Chandler Brown, Ricardo Duenas, James Docker, and Rusty Ranson who wrote essays of precisely 100 words. We will include some excerpts soon.

From Johnny McNeill (future camper):

I can’t wait to go to a week at Camp Rockmont with my friends, and I’d like to
meet new friends, too. I can’t wait to try new things and have fun. I think I am
going to like looking at snakes in the Nature Lodge, jumping on the Blob at the
lake, and getting to play sports with my friends. I toured Rockmont once, and I
think the cabins are cool and the counselors are nice. I am glad there are only
100 days left! Rockmont rocks!!!

From Jones Stamper:

Rockmont means to me a fun, Christian overnight camp in North Carolina.
Rockmont is the best camp in the huge world. Last year was my first time.
I was 7, and my counselors were Andy and William in Cabin 4. I was in the
Buckeye tribe. My favorite things were the zipline, and when we went to
Council. My dream is to be the Director of Rockmont!! Andy is the nicest
counselor there and he still is. My favorite foods there were fruit and
vegetables. I’m really glad there is no t.v., ipods, videos, and Game

From Stephen Dolbow (upcoming CIT):

For six years of my life, Rockmont has been a source of refuge in a constantly
hectic life. As a Rockmont veteran I have had the chance to see myself grow
physically and as a person. I was excited and nervous my first summer at
Rockmont. Every summer afterwards, Rockmont became a highlight for my summer
vacation. Camp's laid-back atmosphere creates a feeling of calmness and
satisfaction which is impossible to replicate. Now, I will return to Rockmont
yet again as a CIT and I eagerly anticipate my camp experience of serving others
and seeing Rockmont from a new perspective.

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