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Daily News for Monday, June 7

Tuesday, June 8th 2010

The day dawned overcast at Rockmont, but spirits were high as we were in full swing for 2010. Sunday we talked to the campers about “newness” and how each day is new and a gift from God. It also had a bigger meaning though, as Monday the campers took part in some activities that had never been done before!

I’ll start at the top. Mountain camp went on a high ropes adventure in Montreat, an adventure that only our Central Staff and CITs had done before. Its an amazing set-up, the staff there is great, and the guys to see so many new things on how they respond and work together in a new environment! Each course (high and higher) has 4 sections, all of which include a lot of teamwork. You simply cannot do it without the help of others. What a great lesson to learn in trusting your brothers.

In Deercamp, they were the first group ever to learn the basics of Blacksmithing at Rockmont. When I spoke to them at lunch, the boys couldn’t stop talking about it! Our master blacksmith, Brian Toole, is a fantastic teacher, and he does such a good job delivering the message to the boys. The process of it all was great, maybe one day we’ll get a post from Brian himself! The boys ended up making hooks during their time with Brian. Also, Deer got to go on a Horseback Trail ride!

Through all the things that Mountain and Deer were able to do today, it was cool to see them pass through the stages in The Hero’s Journey. For instance, to step off the platform at high ropes, pick up the hammer at blacksmith, or get on the horse was a big thing for all these boys. They were answering the Call to Adventure! Having been to the high ropes a couple times, I know the Montreat Staff did an excellent job of breaking down the challenge for the boys.

For Bear Camp, it was the first day of skills! They participated in Archery, Air Riflery, Outdoor Skills, Homesteading, and Crafts. I saw in Homesteading they made “darts” with corncobs and goose feathers! In the afternoon, they played Super Mario Brothers, complete with boxes to “punch”. To my knowledge, the Princess is safe and Wario was defeated :)

All this time, the staff for A2 was rolling in, and it was good to see some old friends return (Carl, Layton, Will), and new faces arrive (Torrey, Adam, Aaron, Dylan). They’ll be going through training for the rest of the week, and be ready for campers on Sunday!

Well, I better get back to it, Tuesday still has a lot to offer! We’ll get back with you guys later tonight or tomorrow!


Matt Ragland
Assistant Director

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Grandmother of Will Shealy loves these "news of the day" articles. This is his first time in camp, and I'm so pleased he has these wonderful opportunities and counselors. A real ministry!
by: Susanne on July 31st, 2013

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