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Daily News, Sunday, June 6

Monday, June 7th 2010

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful opening day for the A and A1 campers! It was great to receive all the boys who have made the decision to come to camp and be a part of our community this year.

Registration was brisk as campers were able to get to their cabins and continue the time-honored tradition of trying to get the top bunks! Me personally, I love watching the Bear Camp counselors greet their campers. Everyone cheers, chants the cabin number, and makes the camper feel welcome. Many of these boys are coming to camp for the first time, and the counselor’s enthusiasm certainly helps ease that transition. I was able to speak with many families as they moved their boys in, and it was humbling to know how much they trusted us, and how much fun the boys were going to have!

As the parents trickled out, the cabins came together and the games began! I was able to hang out with all the camps during the afternoon, and had a blast! Being a director has its perks :) Bear Camp had a successful swim test, and then moved over to the flagpole field for Octopi-Octopi, Amoeba tag, and shirt-tail tag. Deer Camp played Gotcha! down on the Lower Soccer Field, and then had 100% success on the swim test (including me!). Mountain Camp was up on the lacrosse field for games, and then also passed the swim test with flying colors. A quick shout out to our waterfront staff, a great, hardworking group that presented the waterfront rules to all the campers, in very creative fashion as well!

Then we had the traditional Baked Chicken dinner, and afterwards Deer and Mountain Camp prepared for Council. For the first time, we had a mixed-camp council, combining Deer and Mountain. It was cool to see all the ages interacting and getting to know each other during the Passing of the Peace. Bear Camp has council Monday night, and went on a photo tour of camp.

So the first day of the 2010 summer is in the books! This first week will be very different for our 3 week campers, stay tuned for news!

In Servitude to God,

Matt and the Rockmont Staff

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