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Wednesday, September 16th 2009

Wow! It has been a great few days here on the road for the Dan, Matt, and Morgan. 10 hours in the car, criss-crossing 5 states on the first recruiting trip of the year. Sunday, we were at the home of Stewart and Missy Cox, and their sons McKinnon and Miller, and it was great to see the Birmingham crew together again. It was the first show of the new season, and we had a great time telling the Rockmont story to new families, and continuing the conversation with the Vets. We were blessed to be able to visit and stay with Mountain Camp Director Scott Radbill, just days before he departs for Bulgaria. Keep him in your prayers as he departs on this great time in his life!

Monday we were in Madisonville, LA for a show at the home Karen and Tim Lindsay, and their son Miles. It was a great show, complete with attendance by Indiana Jones! We had to traverse the 24 mile bridge covering Lake Pontchartrain, on our way there and back, what a marvel of engineering!

Here are some pictures so far, we’ll keep you updated on the Baton Rouge and New Orleans trips!

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