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Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 20th 2010

Well – I’m always curious to know which campers have planned ahead enough to have Father’s Day greetings arrive home before today. In case (as with yours truly) there is a delay in their good intentions we gathered with various cabins to send a special note of love and appreciation.

Seeing an opportunity, the Shamburger brothers (including Sycamore counselor, Davis; Hickory JC, Dylan; Buckeye camper, Gentry; and Poplar camper, Raines) gathered to let their father know how much they appreciate him and his parent’s work in seeing that they could all enjoy Rockmont experiences through the years.

There are so many stories to tell… Council is tonight and I expect some significant recognitions of how the counselors have seen growth in their campers! Melissa re-joins us tomorrow for futher updates!

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