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January & February at the Rockmont Farm

Thursday, February 25th 2010

During the months of January and February the Rockmont Farm (as well as a good part of the US) was covered by multiple snows. Today’s forecast: high of 27, good chance of snow – again! With all the snow and the frozen ground a lot of work on the farm has been delayed, but overall the snow is great for the garden. The slow melt is good for all of the fruit trees and bushes as well as the soil in the beds which will be well moistened for spring planting. And the cold temps hopefully will mean fewer pests come summer. Though the entire garden has been covered in a blanket of snow, this is the time to plan for this summer’s planting. I have taken inventory of seed we saved from last summer and ordered new seed – two new crops for the homestead this year will be peanuts and cotton. Earlier in February I started broccolis, cabbages and onions in the greenhouse, and I am beginning to start some warm weather plants like tomatoes and peppers. It won’t be long before I am preparing the beds and planting seed outside.

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