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Kicking off the Thanksgiving Tour in Thomasville

Monday, November 7th 2011

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to see all the excitement that Rockmont campers bring to these events. When I pulled up to the Beverly home in Thomasville, I was quickly greeted by 3 family dogs and by Max and Rich, two veteran campers. I was looking around for Strong, their brother, and soon discovered that I couldn’t see him because he was climbing a tree. Though I was in southern Georgia, I felt like I was back home in Black Mountain. What a warm welcome!

We were soon joined by the Newman family, and settled in for an afternoon of swapping Rockmont stories and discussing opportunities for next summer. We watched the camp video and then talked Rockmont for quite a while. The boys got so excited telling their own stories from camp that the excitement was almost tangible! We’re so grateful for the Thomasville as our Rockmont family continues to grow there.

One of the highlights of the evening was getting to see Max’s fly tying shop. Max’s dad (also, Max) had built a fly tying station onto the desk in Max’s room, complete with a wood-burned trout in the center of the tool wheel. Max had all his tools set out, including the very important whip-finisher. He also had a proud display of a number of flies that he had tied both at Rockmont and in his own workshop at home. What a cool thing to see Rockmont skills being used and further developed at home! Thanks for a great visit, Thomasville!

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