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Local School Establishes "Diana Seifreit Day"

Tuesday, December 20th 2011

If you have ever stepped foot in the Roundhouse a midst the busyness of an Opening or Closing Day at Rockmont, then you’ve met Diana Seifreit, the one whom I affectionately call “The Roundhouse Queen.” Whether its camper skill placement, coupon books, camper mail, lost and found, or a host of other camp needs, Diana has the experience-tested knowledge that helps us keep things running smoothly during the summer.

We wanted to share with you, our Rockmont family, some great news that we have heard echoing through the valley. Just last week at Black Mountain Elementary, North Carolina House Representative Pastsy Keever and a room full of faculty and students honored Diana by naming December 16, 2011 “Diana Seifreit Day.” There was much fanfare, including students playing trumpets and several rounds of applause. Diana was also presented with a framed tribute, roses, and special hand-made gifts from students.

Why so much celebration? Diana was recognized for the many ways that she has given of her time and talents, always present to lend a helping hand, in a time when state budget cuts have lowered the number of teachers in public schools. With fewer faculty to do all the necessary work, Diana has been one who has stepped up to help make the school experience a meaningful one for children in Black Mountain. We at Rockmont are not surprised by this honor and are proud to stand alongside our friends down the road to applaud Diana’s compassionate work. We are truly grateful to call Diana, along with a number of other self-giving local teachers, part of the Rockmont family. Diana will be here next summer, ready as ever, to greet you with her much-loved Weimaraner, Willow, and to make camp a special experience for all!

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Yeah for Diana!! She is so loved and I am honored to call her friend!!
by: Rebecca on December 21st, 2011
Thanks guys
by: Diana on December 20th, 2011

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