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Made for This

Monday, June 7th 2010

Made for This

Posted June 6, 2010

It is Opening Day of our 2010 Summer and we have so much to report. For instance, we calculated that the staff leading our Counselor In Training program this session has a combined 42 years of experience at Camp Rockmont. And there are only 3 of them! The seventeen A Session CITs also have an impressive history with us. This marks 110 years of combined experience for them!! We have been so encouraged here at the end of our training week and the beginning of the session to realize that the community that is created here each summer has deep roots and strong bonds.

Those CITs served as greeters, sherpas, and game masters this morning as they helped our newest camp families settle in to the Bearcamp starter session. Counselors had there T’s tucked in and their hair coiffed and they greeted campers with all of the genuine enthusiasm and compassion that we have come to expect. Every single counselor for this session is a Rockmont Veteran, and I won’t even try to total their combined experience.

You see, it’s reflecting on that – on the “we knew them when,” that makes our work so rewarding. We can draw on a unique perspective when we see a camper begin to display homesickness because we have seen the other side for so many — the perseverance that leads to maturity. I personally witnessed three campers who were working through the wash of emotions that comes with the adjustment to camp. One was new to Rockmont and two were returning. These are normal feelings and in one case the camper was quickly emboldened as he re-connected with friends. In another the camper was encouraged by an older cousin who helped him with the normal adjustment. The transition for the third camper amazed me. I watched him hug his mom, wipe a tear from his eye, and then draw from some reservoir of inner resolve that was clearly in place from loving parents who have conveyed, “You can do this. You were made for this. We believe in you.”

Camp can be such a great place for a young man to try new things, master new skills, and cultivate important friendships. If you had asked any counselor what the Camp’s goals are while your son is in his watchcare, he could have told you. Our mission is growth, and the counselors know specific ways that they can help foster that in this environment. They understand that there is something so much bigger than big fun happening in this place… but the fun ain’t so bad either! Enjoy the photos!

Jon Brooks
Associate Director

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