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Saturday, August 2nd 2014

Courage is like gold at Rockmont. We mine for it, with the belief that God has placed it in every boy’s heart. With a little picking and sifting the precious ore reveals itself, and we celebrate. There are few things that elicit more excitement from the campers and staff at Rockmont than witnessing the glimmer of new-found courage.

We discovered a lot of gold today. During a full day of skills, campers pushed themselves towards a new level of mastery. Kayakers held their breath, came to peace with being upside down underwater, and rolled to the surface. Potters moved beyond familiar designs into riskier and more creative waters. Swimmers put their heads down and learned new strokes. One camper I spoke with confessed that he had some apprehension in going to his basketball skill because he felt he was not very good. And then he went.

Courage can sometimes be a hard thing to put your finger on. The desire for attention or a rush is often mistaken for courage, as is the desire to avoid embarrassment. It’s often hard to tell the difference within ourselves, let alone in others. As they say, only God sees the heart.

When miners desire to separate gold dust from ordinary dirt, they introduce an additive that bonds with the gold and leaves the dirt behind. At camp, to find courage we beckon campers to venture outside of their comfort zones. We ask them to take steps they might not take if comfort and fun were the only goals.

This evening, our youngest campers in the Buckeye and Birch Tribes are sleeping up on the mountain. As they set out, there was a noticeable chill to the air. I’m certain many wondered if their cabin would be more comfortable, even safer. Nevertheless, onward they hiked. Not only did they hike, they sang, and sang loud! I was roused from my desk by the music and laughter, and looked out my window just in time to see the proud crew jostling, stumbling, walking, running, and maybe even a few marching, up the mountain.

I think the brightest glimmer of courage I saw today came from Jeremy Nicholson in cabin 11. I asked him on very short notice to bless our meal before God and all five hundred campers and staff gathered in Eden Hall. He not only rose to the occasion, but seemed to offer a truly grateful and humble spirit.

Inspired to be at camp,

Josh, Associate Director

Today’s Bible Story…
Story: Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus
Scripture: Mark 10:46-52
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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This article hit us as a family with so much joy. To see our son grow in a place like this and then to take home that feeling of accomplishment is worth every second of worry we felt at home. This article not only struck us for our son, it struck us that as parents, letting go and surrendering our fear to Christ is power! That is Courage! We too had moments of insecurity and even consuming panic that our kid would get so homesick he'd need us and yet here we all are a week later. Seeing them all smile gives us hope that our lil men are growing into healthy, Godly future dads, husbands and friends. What a gift from our Father.
by: Natalie on August 3rd, 2014
Thank you so much for your news posts. As a mom, it is so wonderful to get a "glimpse" of what is transforming our children this summer. I'm Jeremy Nicholson's mom, and want you to know that a friend called me when she saw this and told me to go to my computer right away and read today's news. Our priority is to bring our 3 children up in the ways of the LORD, and I was SO very proud to read how he handled prayer time. Our family will continue to pray for all the campers, families and staff and wait to see what amazing things God does in all their lives.
by: Ann on August 2nd, 2014

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