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Mississippi Marshmallows & More

Friday, November 11th 2011

On Thursday night, the Thanksgiving Tour reached its westernmost stop at the home of Sam and Jan Coker in Jackson, Mississippi! As I approached the house, I could smell a fire burning on the patio, carrying the aroma of camp over the house to greet me. I had a great feeling about the evening from the very start! Soon after I had set-up for the show with the help of Joe, himself a Birch camper last summer, we were welcoming veteran Rockmonters into the home. The Dinkins and Monroes showed up, and they were soon followed by another family who was coming to visit and learn more about camp.

We jumped right into supper, and then headed out to the patio – the same one where I had smelled the fire burning earlier – and roasted marshmallows and crafted our s’mores. With all the boys laughing around the fire, the warm flames in the center of it all, and with the occasional rush to extinguish a flaming marshmallow on the end of your neighbor’s clothes hanger, it felt like we were all back at camp together. Rockmont was fully alive in Jackson last night!

After dinner and s’mores, we moved back into the living room to watch the camp video, discuss the exciting things experienced last summer, and dream about all that is in store for us next summer! The setting was quite relaxed, sharing Rockmont stories with one another and learning about all the things that God has been doing in our lives since camp ended. We’re so grateful for the Rockmont family in Jackson and look forward to seeing more folks from the “City with Soul” headed our way this summer!

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Great to hear you were in Jackson! Please let us know the next time you are coming. There is a large group of Alums that will be happy to help Rockmont in any way.
by: Mark on December 5th, 2011

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