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Nashville and the Camp Family

Tuesday, October 27th 2009

The camp connection is a great thing, the community and the friends that you make over the years that follows you around and comes up at the most random times. I was never in a fraternity in college, but I feel that Rockmont is the real brotherhood I am a part of.

When I was in Nashville last Thursday for a camper show (a big thank you to Marian Eidson for hosting!) I walked out to meet a dad, and lo and behold it was Graham Locke, a long time Rockmonter, my 1st counselor (cabin 11 in 1994), and now the man to see in Nashville if you need a root canal (Apex Endodontics). So it was great to see him and catch up, he’s hoping to send his son Ben to Rockmont for the first time this year.

The Rockmont Fellas
From left: Graham Locke, Matt, and Daniel Weatherby

My first summer was a great time for me, I had never been away from home for that length of time, had never been in a living environment with 11 other boys I didn’t know, and of course the crucial part is the counselors. I had a blast, doing many things I had never done before, and some I haven’t since (shearing sheep in homesteading anyone?). But there were struggles, some homesickness, but hey, most things worth going through have some struggles right? Graham and Carl (with an assist from Stevie) did a great work in helping me along, talking with me, and keeping me active for those 2 weeks. At the end, it was a great experience, loads of fun, and my life was changed. What a great opportunity to go through those challenges in a caring community that would help and push me through, and that it didn’t happen during my freshman year of college, haha!
Current staff, let this also be a reminder to you of the great and exciting potential you have to impact another person’s life for the better. Being energetic, engaged, and caring during your camper’s sessions can make their experience!

My wife Morgan and I have been on the road constantly for the past 6 weeks, holding 15 camper showings, and logging over 6000 miles in the Prius. Everywhere we go, we are welcomed by great camp families who are excited about sharing their lives and the story of Rockmont with us and their friends. It’s incredibly humbling and heartwarming to see the people who have chosen to  make Rockmont a part of their family story.

So thanks again, let’s continue to bless those around us in the many ways that God has blessed our lives. See you on the road!

A nice view of the Smokies as we head home (don’t worry, Morgan took the picture).

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