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Nashville is Music to my Ears

Tuesday, November 8th 2011

I really enjoy visiting other cities and seeing the Rockmont families that are there. Nashville is no exception! The Music City is one of our biggest camper cities, and we also have staff there. The Cook, Locke, and Eidson families were gracious hosts and put together great events for Rockmont. Scott, our Mountain Camp Director, is a teacher at St Paul’s, and Daniel Weatherby, one of our Tribal Directors, is a student at Belmont. One of my favorite coffee shops is also in Nashville, The Frothy Monkey.

On Tuesday, Dan and Scott were at the Cooks’ home, and there was a great turnout of new and veteran families. Wednesday, Scott, Daniel, and I were all on hand to share with friends of the Lockes, and we had a great time sharing the story (see artist’s sketch of the show). The time with the Lockes is always fun for me, since Graham (a Rockmont Alum) was my first counselor back in 1994! Thursday, Scott and I visited with the Eidson family, who have hosted me more than any other family! So it’s always great to re-connect with them and meet their friends.

In addition to the family showings, spending time with Scott, his soon-to-be-bride Stephanie, and Daniel is valued time. Like many in the Rockmont community feel, the friendships that are built during the summer are slipped back in to easily, like a broken-in pair of shoes (or boots, being in Nashville). Daniel and I went in to a few music shops and played guitars that cost more than our cars, and we all shared meals together. It was wonderful.

Shawn is hitting the road this week, so look for his updates on Facebook and Twitter as he goes through Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi!


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