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Monday, October 5th 2009

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering what off-season life is like here at Rockmont… well, the weather is beautiful, the people are fun, and we’re working hard! So its a lot like the summer. For a look in to the method of madness used by Matt, here’s a look at his office and some more common things found at an arm’s length

  1. Desktop computer, HP
  2. MacBook Pro laptop (with a reflection of Matt taking this picture)
  3. Patagonia “Live Simply” hat
  4. Picture of Matt and Morgan (his wife)
  5. Gator Lacrosse helmet
  6. Office phone (that Stephen likes to intercom me on)
  7. Speakers for the full Pandora experience
  8. BlackBerry Storm (don’t buy it, go with the Tour, or an iPhone)
  9. Canon PowerShot SX110
  10. Notes and Cabin Cards
  11. Table marker from my 1st cabin (cabin 11 in 1994)
  12. Map of the USA (and where the shows are)
  13. Quote from Jon Gordon’s book Training Camp – “Today I will strive to be my best”
  14. Unreturned dining hall cup
  15. Post-its
  16. Pet Rock (I enjoy throwing it at Stephen)
  17. Desk Calendar
  18. Highlighter and green felt-tip pen (thanks Shawn!)
  19. Receipts from traveling
  20. Belittling chair

So, there you go, wonder no more! We’re looking forward to another great week of spreading the camp story, with shows in Raleigh (Wednesday) and Charlotte (Thursday).

God Bless

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