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Peppering Things up in Birmingham

Tuesday, November 8th 2011

On Monday, the Thanksgiving Tour crossed time zones and headed northwest to Birmingham, Alabama to visit the Watts family. Russell and Beth, along with their son David, were employing a new recruiting technique that I have never seen before at a Rockmont home show. It involved 10 pounds of 8-week-old silver labrador retriever, and it’s name was “Pepper.” This little pup was just the hook we needed, as she was passed around throughout the evening.

The neighborhood really turned out for the show, including a number of veteran Rockmonters, ranging in age from 10 to 17! There were also some new families that had come to check us out and learn more about Rockmont. After viewing the camp video, the parents asked some great questions, including a question about how we select our staff. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about the recruiting process!

We visit colleges and universities around the Southeast during the off-season. I’m writing this article even now from the Student Union at Mississippi State University, and tomorrow I will be visiting staff in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama. Once we share our vision and mission with these college students and get them to apply, we then spend an hour or more interviewing them so that we can go deeper. We ask them a host of questions, including questions about their own personal growth and spiritual development. They capture a glimpse of our vision for male development, and we determine whether they’re a good fit for this very important work that we do during the summer. Our staff are our most important asset, and so we really invest some time in the recruiting process!

It’s always a joy to visit Birmingham, which has brought us some great staff and fun campers over the years. We will be back next Monday, this time at the Harmons’ home. Thanks again to the Watts family being such gracious hosts! The Thanksgiving Tour continues…

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