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Raleigh Rallies to a Great Show

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

Dan, Shawn, and Matt wrapped up the 2011 travel season last night in Raleigh, NC. We were back at the North Hills Club, a great venue with delicious cookies! We had an amazing turnout for our shows, the Rockmont family really brought the enthusiasm for a great night.

Raleigh Group

It was great to see so many people, veteran and new families, come out to support Rockmont and learn about our mission of growth and developing young men, especially in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! Dan kicked off the shows by talking about our mission, the opportunity for growth, and how summer camp can offer a powerful Rite of Passage for young men. After the video, Shawn and Matt answered questions, spoke about the gift of stories, and how camp is only as good as the staff. There were lots of great questions about Rockmont, how we keep campers safe, what activities are available, and more.


Matt opened the 7:30 show by talking about his first experience at Rockmont, and how that first instance of “taking leave” from his family helped shape similar experiences later in life. It is an important Rite of Passage for any young man, because there will come the time when we are apart from parents and loved ones. Summer after summer, Rockmont has been a place that is committed to giving young men a vision bigger than themselves.


It was a great way to end the travel season and go in to the holidays. We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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