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Ramblin' through South Carolina

Monday, October 3rd 2011

The second week of home showings took me to the lovely state of South Carolina. On Sunday I was able to go to the home of the Bethea’s, who always put on a great show. The best part of being at their house is that Rob (the Dad) was a Rockmont camper himself, and has kept much of his old camp collection! So being there is like going to a Rockmont museum (light bulb!). After the show, we were hit by this terrific storm, some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever driven in! But afterwards, we were blessed with the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen, and a double rainbow at that! It reminded me of the rainbow in the story of Noah, and how God followed the worst storm ever with his promise of salvation. It’s another example of how God takes the broken pieces in our lives and puts them back together in his will.

Columbia Rainbow

The next day I drove down to one of my favorite areas, Charleston/Mt Pleasant. The Kerr’s were great hosts, and we had a great time talking about Rockmont and our mission. The guys all had great questions and were excited about all Rockmont has to offer. It was a very welcoming and sharing family atmosphere! Charleston also has some great places to eat, if you ever find yourself there I highly recommend Hominy Grill and a walk around historic downtown.

Finally, I drove down the coast to Beaufort, where I had never been before. What a great small town, the Reichel’s were incredible hosts and we had our biggest showing of the week, with 10 families in attendance! The parents and boys had great questions about what Rockmont was like, and the boys were especially attuned to what they could see themselves doing at camp.

One of the first questions people ask me is “So what do you do the other 9 months of the year?” And the answer is “mainly home shows like this.” Which I really enjoy, I am blessed to be around a lot of people who are excited about Rockmont and the work we’re doing with young men. To have them welcome me in to their homes and introduce me to their friends as a person they trust; what a blessing. Before each show I pray that God’s work is shown through the video and the presentation, and that we are truly doing God’s work at Rockmont. I believe we are and it’s something we pray for throughout the year. Because without his guiding hand and spirit, the work we do as humans will be insufficient.

So I thank everyone that comes out to these shows to learn more about Rockmont, or even if you’ve been before and share what the experience has meant to you. The people who attend and the spirit of community is what makes me excited year after year. Everything is new, God is at work through us.

See you soon,


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