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ROCKing in South Florida!

Friday, November 30th 2007

While just being in Florida and enjoying the warm weather (while it is freezing cold in Black Mountain) made this trip great to start with, the three showings that we just had on the southeast coast of Florida made the trip one of the best ones this season!

I started my tour of the Atlantic side at the Dunn’s house, where I got to hang out with veteran camper Chris Dunn and his mom in Fort Lauderdale. Not only was Chris there to help get us excited about camp but we also had a few other friendly faces help share the story of Rockmont. The younger Chris – in the striped shirt – is going to camp for the first time this summer and we were excited to tell him all the great things he can expect to do there. He is certainly looking forward to it! And so are we!

With the show at the Dunn’s sort of starting the trend of having a great amount of veteran campers and a wonderful amount of guys that are interested, I ventured north to Palm Beach Gardens where I was warmly welcomed by the Michols. I had visited the Michols last year, but this time I got to meet Mrs. Michols, which was great – the fact that she had ordered pizza for everyone didn’t hurt my first impression of her! And after grubbing on some tasty slices we watched the new DVD and then we watched the old one too! Needless to say the new guys have a great idea of what a summer at Rockmont looks like! And after a great show I bid the Michols adieu, thanking Andrew and Davis for their great help sharing the message of Rockmont I was on the road again!

Then it was back to I-95 to head further north to Palm City. When I arrived at the lovely fountain on the way to the Yates’ home I said, “I’ve got a good feeling about this one.” And sure enough the evening at the Yates’ was right on par with the last two. Mr. and Mrs. Yates treated us to some delicious chicken pasta, salad and tasty bread – not to mention dessert! Whoa! And we had a fantastic group of guys there to share the story with! Drew Mayo and Matthew Brown, along with Davis Yates, really did a great job of telling the new guys all about the great things at Rockmont, and also they were great at some sweet holy motions that we were happy to share with everyone! I know that Davis, and Drews’ younger brothers Jared, and Dawson, can’t wait to turn 10 so that they can join their brothers at camp (10 is the minimum age in their houses, not for Rockmont). It was just a great evening of fun, food and Rockmont, the perfect end to a great week of shows in South Florida!
Thanks again to the great families that hosted me and helped spread the good news about Rockmont! We look forward to seeing you in the summer!

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