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Rockmont on Display in Charlotte

Wednesday, October 12th 2011

What a great evening we shared last night at the Wall family’s home in Charlotte! William, a 5-year Rockmont veteran camper who spent last summer in the historic Cabin 40, was a great help. William was even able to help answer a number of the parents’ questions about camp. He also had on hand some of his Blacksmithing handiwork, including a fire poker and also a letter opener, complete with an iron flower addition on the handle. Rockmont was truly on display last night!

The group was made up of current campers, new sons checking out the program, and even a few new guys who had already signed up but were craving a taste of camp in October. Will and Ramsey fell into this last category. These two were so excited about camp that they were the last to leave the show. In fact, they spread their camp brochures out on top of the pizza boxes and started circling and starring the skills they plan to take this summer. Their excitement was contagious! Thank you, Wall family. Charlotte, we will be back soon!

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