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Rockmont's Atlanta Round-Up

Monday, October 10th 2011

In terms of sheer number of campers, Atlanta is tops for Rockmont. We have more campers from greater ATL than any other metro city, along with some of our biggest schools (Westminister, Pace, Lovett). So it’s natural that we would spend a lot of time there! We had already been at homes in Atlanta, Marietta, and Smyrna, and were looking forward to our final 2 nights in the city.

Wednesday, Dan & I (Matt) were hosted by the Allen family, and there was a big and enthusiastic crowd on hand to learn about camp. One of the cool things for us is that we get to be around a Rockmont atmosphere away from the physical location of camp. We say on the road that the Rockmont community is wherever Rockmont’ers are gathered, and that was certainly the case at the Allen’s.

Thursday, I was at the home of the White’s, who were hosting for the 2nd year. Once again it was a great showing, everyone was there on time and we got right to it! There were great questions by the parents and the boys, who listened very well. I had said that once a young man goes to Deer Camp, he is in an “individual cabin” (meaning that the 10 boys and 2 counselors are in a single-standing cabin, rather than the lodges of Bear Camp). Once young man cautiously raised his hand and asked “Is there any other place to stay besides a cabin by myself?” What great listening skills! He caught me in a misspeak, and I was glad to give him the correct info. I also pointed out that at Rockmont, asking questions is a “Sign of Strength”, how cool that he felt the confidence to ask me something that he didn’t initially understand! We should all be so brave.

So a big thanks to Atlanta as we bid goodbye, there may be a Spring trip in the works, but there are other cities to visit. God Bless!

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