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September at the Rockmont Farm

Tuesday, October 6th 2009

With the help of students from The Learning Community, Karen, Dan, Josie and Micah Davis, Morgan and Matt Ragland, Hap Endler, and Jon McNair, we cut our first sorghum crop last week.

Sunday morning before dawn Hap, Jon and a trailer full of sorghum cane headed up to Yancey County to the farm of friends Molly and Richard (and three year old Walker). Sending the cane through a mill that is more than one hundred years old yielded more than 60 gallons of cane juice! We then spent the next 5 hours cooking it down over a wood burning fire and telling stories of life on the farm. After a long day of good work, good food and good times, we drove back to Black Mountain that night with 8 gallons of our best (and first) batch of tasty molasses!

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