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S'mores at Camp... Cupcakes in Smyrna!

Friday, October 7th 2011

It was quite exciting to pull in to the Stebbins’ driveway in Smyrna, GA last Tuesday night. The house and yard were festively decorated for Halloween, and Cabin 1 camper Grant was right there to welcome me! He was super excited about the show and especially eager to show off the Rockmont cupcakes they had prepared. Grant and his sister, Lauren, were very helpful the entire visit – from getting things ready to welcoming visitors.

A number of Grant’s neighbors and classmates stopped by, and we eventually filled the living room with veteran campers and with new families interested in hearing more about this North Carolina haven the Stebbins had discovered. I didn’t even have to work too hard at promoting camp since I had several Rockmont campers – Grant, Lee, Noah, Jordan, Ben, Sam – there to answer questions and share their own Rockmont stories. What a fun group! It will be good to see them back at camp before too long. Thanks so much to Leslie and John for hosting us!

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