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Thursday, October 27th 2011

While I now live in good ol’ Carolina, I do enjoy driving down to the Deep South. It reminds me of growing up. Many people will argue that Florida isn’t truly a southern state, and that’s fine. But the landscape of old growth oaks and pines and rural communities of northern Florida mirror those of southern Georgia. There’s not much difference between Lake City, FL and Valdosta, GA. Of course, that’s leaving out a certain football game this weekend (GO GATORS). Anyway, it’s like coming home. So I was glad to arrive in Hahira, GA on Tuesday and visit with the Anderson family and their friends.


We had a beautiful setup on their porch, overlooking their farm in the twilight. I joked that it was distracting to look at during the Q&A time! The Andersons were great hosts, and we had a very good discussion with their friends. Time and again, it’s wonderful to be invited in to people’s homes and share the story of Rockmont with the bigger story of what God has for our lives.


Yesterday, I took a lovely drive down rural highways to Tallahassee. The party was hosted by Elizabeth & Jon Bussey, and we had a great time talking about Rockmont and sharing the mission. There was a good mix of new and veteran families, which is always fun. It’s great to see the wide-eyed expectation of someone seeing Rockmont for the first time and asking questions about what’s possible. Equally rewarding is hearing veteran families talk about what was meaningful and important to them. I believe that most young men and families leave Rockmont with something more than just a good time. There is a sense of community, a belief in yourself and who God made you to be, and a willingness to serve. Of course, it’s fun also. What guy doesn’t enjoy 200-ft water slides and face paint while playing Gladiator?!

One more show tonight in Dothan, AL, with the Ivey Family. This is my 3rd year with the Ivey’s and a show I always look forward to. Hope to see the local Rockmont family soon!


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