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A Rowdy and Restful Weekend at Rockmont!

Monday, July 18th 2016


Weekends here at Camp are still full of excitement, but always a bit more relaxed than the rest of the week days. Saturday morning, with breakfast starting a little later than usual, campers arrived to Eden Hall and were surprised and thrilled to find sugary cereal on their tables. That was just one of the few treats that we got to enjoy during ...

A Fantastic Skills-Filled Friday!

Saturday, July 16th 2016


It’s been a fantastic skills-filled Friday at Camp Rockmont! Today was an all skills day, so campers got to go to all four skills. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend here at camp. Tonight, the Birch Tribe of Bear Camp went on a tribal campout just before dinner. This campout allows them to bond together as a tribe, sleep under the stars,...

A Terrific Thursday!

Friday, July 15th 2016


After enjoying a couple of mornings of later 8:45am breakfasts, it was time for camp to rise bright and early once again in order to have enough time to fully immerse themselves in their First and Second Skills. Paddleboarding ventured out into the lake for an aquatic version of Capture the Flag while on the other side of the lake Swim Sports pl...

A Wednesday Full of Challenge and Growth

Thursday, July 14th 2016


Looking forward to their day on Lake James, some of our Birch campers woke up a little bit earlier this morning to eat breakfast and get out on the water! They got to try wake boarding, wake surfing, knee boarding, and water skiing. The rest of us were thankful for a couple of extra minutes to sleep, as breakfast time was at 8:45 instead of 8:00...

A Terrific Tribal Activity Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 12th 2016


Today is one of everyone’s favorite days at camp, Taco Tuesday and all day Tribal Activities! On this fine first Tuesday of Classic Three, campers and staff had a great time strengthening bonds within their cabins and tribes through a variety of action-packed games and camp out experiences. It was bright and sunny outside until late this afterno...

Exploring New Skills!

Monday, July 11th 2016


After a very exciting Opening Day, camp awoke bright and early for the first full day of the session. The early morning and hearty breakfast were just what the campers needed to fuel a day filled with Skills. The first day was a chance for the boys to be introduced to these exciting activities. Knots were being taught in climbing, horseback rid...

Classic 3 is in Full Swing!

Sunday, July 10th 2016


Even though it was only a few hours ago that you dropped your campers off, Classic 3 is already in full swing. It was a rich experience to all gather in Eden Hall this evening for dinner, having rekindled old friendships forged in summers past as well as to celebrate the beginning of new friendships. We joined around the table as family this eve...

Wednesday: Keeping the Fun Rolling

Thursday, July 7th 2016


On Wednesday, the weather stayed beautiful all day for the few Buckeyes and Hemlocks that went on the water skiing trip to Lake James and for our day full of Tribal Activities and afternoon Skills back here at camp. Before our pre-lunch Free Swim, all of Bear Camp played a big game of Super Mario, in which the campers have to figure out how to s...

Tuesday: Unexpected Adventures

Thursday, July 7th 2016


The weather this summer has been perfect. It has been ideal for camp programming. There have been no disruptions or interruptions. Campers have roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over hot fires and slept in dry sleeping bags under skies filled with a thousand brilliant stars. They have swam, paddled, dove, run, and hiked under gorgeous blue skies...

Happy 4th from Camp Rockmont!

Monday, July 4th 2016


The highlight of the day was definitely the Mountain Camp Director, Deer Camp Director, and Associate Director flying into the annual Fourth of July camp-wide Retreat on the Zip Line, while sporting our nation’s colors! The Fourth of July excitement began this morning, though, with an early breakfast and then campers and staff gathered for a cam...