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Monday, June 28th 2010

The B Session opening was nearly picture perfect! While families are having trouble beating the heat in most parts of the southeast these days, Rockmont families found that there was nothing better than a ride down the Zip Line or a glide down the Gully Washer to do the trick. We often forget to publicize the fact that these ammenities are open to Mom’s and Dad’s and siblings when we open a session.

One of the reasons this group of families seemed so prepared for pre-camp fun is that Rockmont is in their roots. I was struck by the number of fathers that I spoke with were were once campers here… many while Dan and I were beginning our Rockmont careers in the early 80’s! James dropped his son (now a Jr.Counselor) off over the weekend and stayed to volunteer on opening day. Anthony appeared to have arrived wearing his bathing suit and had experienced the Zip Line and Gully Washer twice before his son had even met all of his cabin mates. Bothers, Paul and Scott (with three campers between their two families) paused to help us capture some of what the Rockmont legacy has meant to their family on video. Rick, with a CIT and a camper this session, did the same.

A favorite memory came as I was reminded by Kenneth, whose son is here for the first time from Texas, that I was his Archery instructor in 1983 when he achieved the highest possible rank in the Camp Archery Association as an American Archer! I vividly remember placing the archery target against the edge of the woods, setting out cones and flagging tape to keep people from walking down range in a make-shift lane that stretched all the way back to the tennis courts! I guess the pressure is on as Kenneth’s son, Hayden, picks up the bow for the first time tomorrow.

Camp is full of amazing memories and life-long friendships for me. I am delighted to think that a remarkable legacy is perpetuated each time we open the gates!

Here’s to a great session!

Jon D. Brooks

Associate Director

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