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Thursday, January 31st 2008

John Crouse here, and I am back on the road after “a long winter’s nap!” I began my tour in mid January with a trip down to Auburn to see some staff Alumni (Brian, Kevin, Justin, me, Andrew, Bobby and Susan!) and had a great turn out at the fair, meeting a lot of new potential staff! Then it was back to camp to gear up for some more home shows. First stop was the Loux’s house in Atlanta, where we had a great group of guys, who are amped to come to camp this summer-a lot of them for the first time!

From Atlanta I cruised up I-75 to Chattanooga where I got to see two homes and a bunch of great Tennessee families in one night! The Smith’s were nice enough to host me on that cold night on Signal Mountain! After that quick tour I was back at camp again preparing for my journey this week. After visiting Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC and meeting a lot of great guys, I went up to Charlotte to the Chamber’s house. Lance, a 5 year veteran. Along with meeting his sisters, Lily and Caroline and their new puppy Brogan (so cute!), we also were able to share the Rockmont message with their friends! Just the next morning I was on my way up to Davidson College for another fair. Davidson is a beautiful place and it was that much better because I got to see previous staff members Scott Lester and Will McGuire and was surprised to meet old time camper Will James (pictured). Davidson had a great turn out and we are looking forward to some great potential staff! Tonight I am off to Montreat College and then on my way up north to Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky! Thanks to all who are constantly helping us spread the word of Rockmont! We can’t do it without you. Talk to y’all soon!

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