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Thomasville and Dothan - Small Towns, Big Shows

Wednesday, October 14th 2009

Life on the road continues as we make our way through Georgia and Alabama, telling the Rockmont story! Monday brought us to Thomasville, GA and the home of the Beverly’s. Charnie, Max, Max. We had our biggest showing of the year so far, with 13 boys there! The energy was great, everybody had lots of good questions, and the spinach dip was delicious. Morgan and I enjoyed getting to know everyone and talk about Rockmont.

Tuesday we made our way over to Dothan, AL to talk with families at the Ivey house, and talk we did. Families came in shifts, which allowed for smaller groups to talk with, and also allowed me to watch the DVD 3 times in 2 hours, I almost have it memorized now. The Ivey’s were great hosts, Elizabeth is a Hollymont veteran with years as a camper and on staff. Amy Lewallen from Hollymont was also there to tell the Hollymont story to any girls that came over, it is a great camp for girls, check it out! ( Watson has been to camp for a few years now, but Douglas will be coming to Rockmont for the first time next year, and Brackin still has a few years left to go!

Here are a few pictures from the shows, we head to Tallahassee today!

Showtime in Dothan

Dothan Boys and a Giant Spider

Realizing we were next to a giant SPIDER!

See you soon!

The Rockmont Road Warriors

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