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Friday, June 18th 2010

Homesteading Participants Prepare for a Trip to the Farmer's Market

I guess it was more perplexing than unusual to find the missing volleyball soaking wet and at the canoe docks as the Hemlock tribe was preparing for evening activities. What was unusual was the trip to return it when I found the Birch tribe playing “baseball” on the tennis courts (with tennis rackets), and the Buckeye tribe heavily engrossed in a game on the volleyball courts that required a soccer ball!

Well – I have to hand it to our creative staff who know how to keep things fresh! While the afternoon had seen skills in full swing, the morning was packed with age group activities that everyone seemed to enjoy. The Poplar tribe had an old fashioned dodgeball tournament, and the Sycamore a round-robin of intramurals where the only injury seemed to be to JJ the tribal director (he’s fine, but temporarily speaks with a slight lisp). All of Bearcamp (Buckeye and Birch) successfully attempted a slip ’n slide down the big hill below Inspiration Point (I believe there are pictures)! The Hickory and Hemlock had been in the woods for overnight campouts, so they enjoyed breakfast “out” and a casual return to civilization. The Hemlock tribal campout was in our new remote site that requires a group hike to the top of the mountain and down the other side… anything the A Team serves for dinner always tastes good after that!

This photo was taken over the weekend as some older 3 weekers joined Jon McNair, our Farm Director at a local farmer’s market. The boys sold out of produce that they had gathered and taken to town. They were then shown how to contribute the proceeds in the form of a micro loan to other aspiring acra-business partners. If you see your son in this picture, be prepared to ask him how they made their choice on the Kiva.Org site. They are supporting an entrepreneur in Tajikistan!

Best Regards,

Jon D. Brooks
Associate Director

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