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Virginia is beautiful this Time of Year

Wednesday, November 14th 2007

While it was cold and rainy when I was in Washington D.C., every day I was in Virginia was great! On my way to Richmond I stopped by Raleigh to say hey to some of the CIT’s from last summer, some of whom will be joining us this coming summer as JC’s!
When I got to Richmond I was greeted with a warm welcome by the Vaughans and some even warmer chili! Unfortunately and due to reasons unknown, there were only a few of us that watched the video at the Vaughans – those people being me and the Vaughans (and their dog!). We did take use of the evening though! Charlie and Will taught me how to play Guitar Hero, a great life skill!
Next stop was the beautiful and historic University of Virginia where I met with former campers and staff, Harris Hudson, JJ Litchford and Chris Marsh! We were joined for dinner by some prospective counselors and enjoyed some great pizza!
Then I was off to the capitol for some sightseeing and ultimately a home in Alexandria, VA. Thanks to a wonderful camp mom I was able to go see the White House, more specifically, the West Wing! Wow! The Oval Office is pretty amazing.
Then on Sunday afternoon I was welcomed by the Talley family in Alexandria. When I arrived it was not with the best tidings because the Redskins lost to the Eagles just as I arrived, but Mr. Talley rallied (no rhyme intended!) and we had a great show!
About six family representatives joined us to watch the new video and also gave us great feedback on the new DVD that is nearing completion! We had a great time and answered a lot of questions, which is always good!
After DC I was on my way down south again. The final destination on this trip was the Saunders’ home in Roanoke. As we were waiting for folks to arrive it was great to chat with the Saunders’ and see what amazing people it took to raise our own Martin Saunders and of course his younger brother Edwin aka Mini-Mart!
We had a great time and were joined by a few other Rockmont families and I think we did a good job of convincing Jackson Breakell, Thomas and Will’s brother, that Rockmont is a great place to be in the summer! We also had lots of great food, as you can see! We look forward to seeing you all this summer!
I’m back at camp now and it was a great trip through Virginia. Thanks again to all the families for having me! I hope to see you again soon!

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