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Monday, October 17th 2011

What an incredibly beautiful drive it was yesterday heading east down I-40 on my way to visit the Copeland family in Chapel Hill, NC! All the poplars, oaks, and maple trees were filled with vibrant color as I passed by the Seven Sisters mountain range and the mountains surrounding Linville Gorge. Though the mountains are awe-inspiring time of year, it’s always exciting to drive out of them to go see Rockmont families at our home showings!

When I arrived at the Copeland home, I was greeted by Rockmont camper and Flying Eagle Award recipient Benton. As we waited on guests to arrive, we enjoyed watching some of the slide show pictures from last summer. I was so impressed with how much Benton remembered from his camp experience! It was confirmation that our work really does have a lasting and memorable impact on each child. Benton was soon joined by the Stepuras, a fellow Rockmont family, and another visiting family that had come to learn more about this place that Benton has grown to love.

We were also joined by Bert Ellison, a long-time Rockmonter and past Assistant Director living in Durham. Bert was a great help throughout the show. His love for Rockmont is very evident, and we love meeting up with him whenever we can on the road. It was a great day to be in Chapel Hill, and we look forward to growing our numbers in that area!

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