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When in Rome... Talk about Camp!

Monday, October 3rd 2011

With a trip to Florida and a trip to South Carolina under our belts, we are now moving into Georgia. For my first show in Georgia, I drove to Rome to visit the Anderson family. Andy Anderson (pictured far right) was himself a Rockmont camper and later a Rockmont staff member, and his son Carter has been a camper for 4 summers now. This was the first show I have done that was a living room full of men! Fathers and sons watched the video presentation and discussed all the action-packed skills that camp has to offer. One of the most exciting topics for this group, however, was the Father/Son Weekend that will be coming up again in May 2012, this year with 2 weekend offerings. The dads in the room seemed just as eager to try Rockmont out for themselves, and we invited them to do just that! Check out the Father/Son Weekend page to learn more, and then invite the dads in your neighborhood to join us!

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