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First Shows of the Year

Wednesday, September 16th 2009

Wow! It has been a great few days here on the road for the Dan, Matt, and Morgan. 10 hours in the car, criss-crossing 5 states on the first recruiting trip of the year. Sunday, we were at the home of Stewart and Missy Cox, and their sons McKinnon and Miller, and it was great to see the Birmingham crew together again. It was the first show of the...

August at the Rockmont Farm

Monday, August 31st 2009

Michael Lusco, Jonathan Cooper, Nick Franzese, Jonathan Kopelman, Charles Keen, Troy D’Alesandro and Quill Yates proved to be excellent salesmen at the Riceville Road Farmers Market this summer. Each Saturday a few Homesteading campers had the chance to sell some of Rockmont Farm bounty (and increase the sales of the chocolate vender with...

Day Camp at Rockmont

Tuesday, March 3rd 2009

For more than 50 years Camp Rockmont has provided a quality resident camp ministry for campers around the world. In 2009 we also plan to provide the same level of care and intentional youth development to boys and girls in our own backyard through a day camp program. The daily program at the Rockmont Day Camp will include aspects of personal g...

Contest 100

Thursday, February 26th 2009

Last year our Contest 100 appealed to our left brain campers to write a 100 word essay about their experience at camp. Since many of us aren’t in our right brain (rimshot) that was okay, but this year’s Contest 100 will draw on an appeal to that creative side – the right brain. Design the next Rockmont T-shirt and earn $100 ...

Madisonville, LA

Monday, January 26th 2009

We were thrilled to get an invitation from the Lindsey family to host a camper showing on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. Miles, whose sister has been a Hollymont camper for years, will be a first-time Rockmont camper this summer. As you can see from the photos, we had a room full of interested families and some incredibl...

Crystal Spring in Roanoke

Friday, January 16th 2009

I had a great time at what has become an annual trek to Crystal Spring school in Roanoke, VA. We have a large group of fine young men from Roanoke and I was pleased to speak with other new families who were looking at various camps to find the right fit for their sons. Ryland Barnes (left) and Romey Poore (right) lifted my spirits with their ...

Chapel Hill, NC

Friday, December 5th 2008

It’s always good to be in Tar Heel country, and Thursday evening was no different. As long time Rockmont veterans, the Wollman family were gracious enough to open up their home and invite some younger guys to come learn about camp. Sam W. gave a lot of good insight from a camper’s perspective and I was also joined by Adam DeLaTorr...

Davidson, NC

Thursday, December 4th 2008

What a great show we had this evening at the Taylor’s house in Davidson, NC! William and Banks, as well as their parents Anne and Brian, hosted seven families as we all talked about the Rockmont experience. As a camping veteran, William helped me answer a lot of great questions from the parents. I took the picture after some of the guy...

Raleigh with Rollie

Monday, December 1st 2008

I had a phenomenal evening in Raleigh, NC with the Tillman family. Rollie and his sister, Eliza, were great hosts and seven families were represented. The guys asked some great questions and we are all excited about seeing each other in a few short months. To cap off the evening, we took a goofy picture.

The Adventures of Bert: Wilson, NC

Sunday, November 30th 2008

I just got back from a great time at the Fulford’s house in Wilson, NC. I got to hang out with John T., Carr, Addison, Dylan, Tanner and their families. It was an awesome opportunity to share the Rockmont story and recruit some new campers. Next up: Raleigh.