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Greatness in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Tuesday, November 24th 2015


It is a special thing when we come upon moments of true greatness. I can only define greatness as something spectacular that significantly impacts the soul. It could be the moment your spouse said ‘I do’ or that you met your children for the first time. These moments are what we live for. This summer I experienced greatness while serving as the ...

Making History on Lake Eden | Lifeguard at Rockmont

Wednesday, October 14th 2015

Our waterfront program has been a valued part of the Rockmont experience since we opened in 1956. While we’ve added different elements over the years, we’ve always had a committed lifeguarding staff in the guard chairs. Join the tradition this summer! Learn more on our Program Staff page.

Sundaes, Silence, and Cicadas

Sunday, August 2nd 2015


Mark McAlister, former Director of the Birch Tribe, is taking a break from his pre-med studies and internships this week to volunteer with the team at Rockmont. We are very grateful. Mark provides our blog entry this evening…. Sunday. Sabbath. Rest…and of course, a lot of fun. We woke up this morning to cool temperatures, rising steam off the la...