Make Lake Eden your Summer Home!

Centered on Lake Eden, Waterfront Lifeguards supervise all Waterfront activities, plus Canoeing and Paddleboarding. Lifeguarding at Rockmont is exciting and engaging as you guard the Blob, Turtle, High Dive, Low Dive, Corkscrew Slide, Rolling Log, and the Gully Washer. It’s also a great way to stay in shape this summer! We have regular conditioning and training to improve our rescue skills.

Dates: June 2-August 12 | Minimum Age: 19* | Summer Pay: $2570**

*Exceptions to the minimum age may be considered for 18-year-olds who have past lifeguarding experience.

**In addition to Summer Pay, Rockmont also provides housing, meals, and laundry service for the term of employment.

Check out our Lifeguarding video!

Lifeguarding Certification

Camp Rockmont will reimburse the cost of an American Red Cross Lifeguarding course up to $250 upon completion of a full season contract (June 2, 2017 – August 12, 2017) for applicants who are hired and then need to acquire or renew an ARC Lifeguarding certificate. This course is done on “your time, our dime!” The reimbursement is for the course cost only and a course receipt must be provided; it is not for travel, food, accommodation, or any other expense incurred during the course.

Need help finding a course? We are teaching one at Camp Rockmont May 26-28. Email for details.

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