Is This For Me?

Jumpin’ in to a camp job is a big decision. It is a job that takes more than you might expect and provides benefits that you may not have considered. Here’s the scoop:

Research shows that the quality of the staff/camper interaction is the most important factor resulting in a positive camp experience and growth for a camper. Therefore, we have high expectations that our staff be…

+ Positive role models, while bringing their best attitude and using words with care.
+ Team players, focusing on building positive communities at camp, setting an example for the campers at all times.
+ Caretakers, creating a positive, safe, and supportive environment for all campers.
+ Servants, being willing to put others needs before your own.
+ Responsible, making good choices to care for yourself and keep yourself healthy, abiding by the camp policies and procedures.
+ Professional, conducting yourself as a child care professional at all times.
+ Intentional, allowing your work to be guided by our mission and values.
+ Enthusiastic, enjoying being around children and letting them know that you do with your words and actions.
+ Respectful, making a practice of appreciating yourself, your campers, your co-workers, and camp parents.
+ Resourceful, being able to dig deep into your reserves of patience, understanding, and perseverance in times of physical, emotional, or mental weariness.
+ Self-aware, being willing to engage in honest self-reflection.

Yes, the work can be demanding; but it is fulfilling, too, as you…

If you believe that you are up to the challenge of working at Camp Rockmont, then check out the available positions for next summer!

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