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Blacksmithing is offered at a beginner to intermediate level for boys ages 13 and older. During blacksmithing lessons, campers use a hammer and anvil to transform metals into artistic creations. Participants also learn about the science of the craft as they create alloys by hammering different types of metals together for a unique effect.

This skill teaches fundamental blacksmithing techniques, allowing campers to progress at their own pace. A one-to-one ratio at the forge (the furnace used to heat the metal objects) ensures individual attention and enhanced camper safety.

Why Blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing requires careful attention to detail that offers a rewarding finished product. The young men who take part in blacksmithing at Camp Rockmont take incredible pride in the quality and creativity of their work. The challenge and process of transforming such a durable medium as iron gives our students a powerful boost in confidence.

About the Instructor

Blacksmithing is instructed by Brian Toole. Brian began blacksmithing in 1999 when he attended a workshop at the John Campbell Folk School. In his spare time, he is an artist-blacksmith and focuses on creating items of art and utility.

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