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With all the high-energy activities we offer at Camp Rockmont, campers need some time to regroup and redirect their energies in a creative way. Crafts offers the perfect outlet. From macramé to duct tape finery, crafting creations come in all shapes, sizes, and mediums.

Like many of our other activities, craft projects are offered for campers of all ages and skill levels. Participants are encouraged to share ideas and enjoy the creativity that comes from conversation and brainstorming with friends.

Why Crafts?

In everything we do at Camp Rockmont, we aim to help young men build strong relationships and fine-tune skills that will assist them in becoming contributors in their homes and communities. Crafts and other artistic activities such as blacksmithing require campers to employ creative thinking and problem solving skills, while also paying careful attention to detail. By participating in the creative process with friends, campers learn the importance of taking others’ ideas into consideration and working towards a new creation together.

About the Instructor

Crafts are led by Kristy Beaver, who has worked with Camp Rockmont for five summers. In her spare time, Kristy enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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