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Camp Rockmont Horseback Riding Program

Tuesday, February 25th 2014

Are you ready to experience Camp Rockmont from a higher elevation? Consider joining our horseback riding team for a half-day Trail Ride or spend more focused time in the ring by joining the Horseback Riding Skill! Whether this is your first time mounting a horse or just another day in the ring, our experienced staff are prepared to make this a safe, exciting, and unique experience for every camper.

Each camper is individually matched with the right horse, based on the camper’s riding ability and experience. The orientation that follows teaches the camper the basics of asking his horse to walk, trot, turn, and stop. As the camper grows more comfortable in the ring and with his own horse, the riding staff will guide each camper through a series of low obstacles, such as bridge crossing, step-ups, low rock jumps, S-Bends, and weaving poles. The camper will also encounter low log jumps on the trail. The riding staff works with each camper to guide them through whatever obstacles the camper is comfortable learning. We invite you to join us in the ring and on the trail this summer to learn new skills, to build confidence around horses, and to see God’s creation from a higher elevation!

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i love horseback ridin THIS IS GONNA BE AWSEOME YA DAWG!!!!
by: mike on June 4th, 2014
by: butt on June 4th, 2014

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