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The First Full Day!

Monday, June 10th 2013

We have been preparing for this day for months. The first full day of Rockmont 2013 has arrived! We currently have about 250 boys here, and today each of them woke up ready to do something new.

This feeling is magnified because we are in a new place with new people. Whether we embrace it or not, each day is ripe with this type of newness. Sometimes, it just takes the difference of camp to bring it to the forefront.

Traditionally, this time is known as the Call to Adventure. You’ve probably heard us speak about this before, and it’s never truer than in the first 24 hours a young man is here at Rockmont. He’s been called out of what is normal and comfortable, and thrust in to a community that is bigger than he is.

Our staff train hard for an entire week to make this transition a positive one. We celebrate and appreciate a camper’s willingness to answer the call to adventure, and make sure he is affirmed for it. Many new opportunities, friendships, and adventures await.

Enough with the developmental languages, what did the boys do today to have fun?! Luckily at Rockmont fun and development are intertwined, and we had blast today!

Bear Camp enjoyed all day skills, rotating around archery, air riflery, canoeing, junk art, crafts, table games, and more! Adventure Week campers also had a full day of skills, adding basketball and horseback riding to their activities.

Deer Camp had well-balanced day of blacksmithing, paddleboarding, the challenge course, and disc golf. Mountain Camp also did the challenge course, then followed it up this afternoon with a kickball challenge.

At night, all of the campers hiked up to their respective council areas, and were treated to the oldest Rockmont tradition, Council Ring.

If you’ve seen the Rockmont video, you’ve heard me say “council is a different time at Rockmont.” I feel the difference every single time, and I’ve been to over 100 councils! We know that we are leaving a little bit of our old selves in the valley, and venturing up to receive something new from God. It’s a time of song, games, scripture, and camper recognition.

For our new families, each council is a little different in how we praise campers. Bear speaks to the Four Torches of the Rockmont Motto:

  1. Strength & Gentleness
  2. Force & Refinement
  3. Mastery of Body
  4. Servitude to God

In Deer, we speak to the Four Marks of a Godly Man:

  1. Rejecting Passivity
  2. Accepting Responsibilty
  3. Leading Courageously
  4. Trusting God

In Mountain, we speak to the culmination of the Four Marks and the Four Torches, and to a new way of living in service, responsibility, and love to others and to God.

This is the type of day I’m proud to be a part of this camp, but on a grander field, the mission of developing young men in the service of God and others!

Happy to be here,

Matt Ragland

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I am so grateful that my Grandson, Gram is having this experience of a life time.
by: Jan on July 3rd, 2013
Reading This Is A Great Affirmation For Me. Two Of My Boys Will Be Arriving For The First Time ThiS Sunday. I Have Never Been Away From Them This Long And Am Having A Tough Time With The Thought Of Not Speaking With Them. Reading This Truly Helps Me Turn Them Over To The Lord To Train And Grow Them In Their Faith.
by: Kimberly on June 11th, 2013
Thanks, Matt, for putting into words the greatness of this experience. There is so much more going on for these boys than they might realize at 10 years old, and I am so grateful for this opportunity in this important time of development of my son. The boys know they are having fun, and we understand that the fun and development ARE intertwined. I got chills reading your newsletter, especially reading about the "call to adventure". This is all why Rockmont is the right choice for our family. My older son has experienced the amazing place that Rockmont is, and now my younger son is having his first experience. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!
by: Laura on June 11th, 2013
Good to luck to everyone! Alfonso Camper from 91-97 LC Rumbling Thunder '95 PANAMA
by: Alfonso on June 11th, 2013

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