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A New Way of Camping and Hiking in Deer Camp!

This year we’re transitioning in Deer Camp to a traditional Rockmont campout schedule. Hickories and Hemlocks will go on both a Cabin campout and a Tribal campout, with some days on camp in between enjoying their skills, meals, and, of course, free swim! This will allow our campers more activities with their tribes and bonding […]

Welcome to the F.U.N.N. Zone!

If you like doing cool things that are new, we have a video series for you. Rockmont friends and family – we give you – The F.U.N.N. Zone!!! In this very first episode, Dan explains how it works – all you need to do is watch and play. We miss you all when you aren’t […]

These People Are My Brothers

  Perspective is critical. Through the rain, the fog, the sun, whatever elements move to us in a given day, how we count ourselves among that is necessary in forming the experience. I direct our youngest program, Bear Camp, and at this age there comes a certain ferocity. When the waterfront is fun, it’s the […]

Into the Wilderness

Being in the wilderness of Western North Carolina is a core part of our program. We are encouraging boys to go and explore the woods in a way that places them in the beauty of God’s creation. In addition to their great willingness and excitement, it takes a lot of coordination for this to happen. […]

Fully Connected

These last two days at camp have been a lot of fun. I’ve played disc golf with Luke and Davis from cabin 6, watched campers play Star Wars, traveling to the planets Dantooine, Tatooine, Naboo, and Alderaan trying to become Jedi Masters. I’ve gone down the zip line with the other Camp Directors in red, […]

Playing is Necessary

Camp is a place where we’re free to play. I think especially at Rockmont, we’re saying that playing holds this key role in us coming alive to ourselves. Connecting with a story, working with others to accomplish a task, liberating ourselves from our concerns or fears of big things. Playing means being alive and fully […]

The Wild Side of God and Life

Today was a great day at camp! Eden Hall was rocking this morning for breakfast as the guys came in singing “Rise and Shine” with gusto. Our chefs prepared homemade French toast with whipped cream and strawberries. Today was another big transition day for our three-week campers in Base Camp who left for a four […]


We talk a lot about making contributions around here. We encourage “adventurous journeys,” and we try to remember that an adventurous journey is not complete until you have returned home to make a contribution to your family, community, school or neighborhood. So, here are three brief scenes of contributions being made that I found encouraging […]

Seeing a Big Story

This session I’ve had the great pleasure of leading our Bible Study Story Lab skill. Over the session we’ve met together six different times outside on the covered porch by Eden Hall and other places outside around camp. An interlude between all the good hard playing we do at camp. It’s been a gift seeing […]