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A Monday Full of New Skills & New Friendships!

Classic 4 had a fantastic start today as we enjoyed a whole day of Skills! The campers arrived to (...)

Shawn Marler July 26, 2016

Growth, Achievement, and Friendly Competition!

With a morning full of Tribal Activities and the last round of afternoon Skills, we are making the (...)

Shawn Marler July 21, 2016

All Smiles on this Tribal Activity Tuesday!

This Tuesday at camp was filled with Tribal Activities, Horseback Trail Rides, and Ski Trips. The (...)

Shawn Marler July 20, 2016

Taking Skills to the Next Level!

What an exciting, beautiful summer day at Camp Rockmont! Mondays are for all day skills here at (...)

Shawn Marler July 19, 2016

A Rowdy and Restful Weekend at Rockmont!

Weekends here at Camp are still full of excitement, but always a bit more relaxed than the rest of (...)

Shawn Marler July 18, 2016

A Fantastic Skills-Filled Friday!

It’s been a fantastic skills-filled Friday at Camp Rockmont! Today was an all skills day, so (...)

Shawn Marler July 16, 2016

A Terrific Thursday!

After enjoying a couple of mornings of later 8:45am breakfasts, it was time for camp to rise bright (...)

Shawn Marler July 15, 2016

A Wednesday Full of Challenge and Growth

Looking forward to their day on Lake James, some of our Birch campers woke up a little bit earlier (...)

Shawn Marler July 14, 2016

A Terrific Tribal Activity Tuesday!

Today is one of everyone’s favorite days at camp, Taco Tuesday and all day Tribal Activities! On (...)

Shawn Marler July 13, 2016